Monday, December 19, 2011

Meet Jelly Bean!

Jelly Bean is our biggest cat. He weighs in at a whopping 13 pounds! He is an entirely black cat. Jelly Bean and Kirby were in the same foster home, and became the best of friends. Naturally, when we contacted Virtually Home Chicago and told them we wanted two cats, Jelly Bean was automatically the best choice! We often call him 'Bean' for short.

Bean is a semi-lap cat. He prefers to lie on my calves that have a blanket over them, or - if I'm lying on my side - he'll curl up on my hip. Bean also likes tummy rubs, so anytime he comes near and shows his tummy, I'm happy to oblige! He doesn't like to be picked up though, which can be a problem if he needs medicine for something. Bean is a very quiet kitty most of the time, unless he gets bored. It usually means he wants to do the Top Cat Tango, only with Kirby being on the bottom. While Bean is quite content to be the bottom cat most of the time

The Top Cat Tango is an assertion of dominance by one cat over all the others. Kirby has always been the Top Cat with Bean. However, during the first few months of being at home with us, Jelly Bean got to be the Top Cat! And he hasn't forgotten how much fun it was! It's so comical to listen and watch them go through this little tango. When we hear Jelly Bean yowling, we know that Kirby has decided enough is enough, and has left the area. We liken it to Bean saying, "no fairz! ish my turn to be top kitteh!!".  Bean has no interest in being Top Cat with either of the girls, which I find amusing.

Another thing about Jelly Bean, is that he's a SNACK HOG! I've had to resort to putting out a separate dish for each cat, in order to make sure everyone gets a little bit! His littler sister Punkin' is also a SNACK HOG! Snacks are limited to twice a week, as both Jelly Bean and his little sister Pwincess have sensitive GI tracts. And believe me, limiting the flare ups is a GOOD thing!

I love all of our kitties equally, but Bean has a special place in my heart, because I was the first one he really warmed up to. He's my Bootiful Bean, and he always will be.

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