Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meet Kirby!

Kirby has the external image of a tough guy. But inside, he's quite the softie. It takes him a little while to warm up to you, but once he does, he will show affection. He is very affectionate with his brother and two sisters. He is the top cat between himself and his brother Jelly Bean. However, when it comes to the girls, he stays right out of it. If either one of them tries to assert dominance with him, he quickly stands up and wanders away, as if he intended to leave just at that moment.

Kirby was initially a 'TNR', Trap, Neuter, Release. His left ear is clipped, so that if he was ever trapped again, they would know he didn't need to be neutered before releasing him again. However, Kirby -ever the resourceful chap - was trapped again by the same person, in the same location. After all, there was food there, and probably a warm and dry spot too! So, Kirby was taken in as a foster cat in 2006.

In January 2009, after being in foster care for 3 years, Kirby found his forever home - along with his brother, Jelly Bean - with my husband and I. At first he wanted nothing to do with us, staying hidden as long as we were awake and active. He initially refused to eat, so he had to be force-fed twice, once by Cindy at Virtually Home Chicago (he was fostered in her home), and again by me. After having to be force-fed by me, he decided it was better to eat on his own.

He would hiss at me, since I am the evil person who made him eat, and who would put him in the carrier when we moved to our current apartment. And of course, I am the evil person who puts him in the carrier to go to the vet. However, he has forgiven me (for the most part) and doesn't complain or ignore me once we come home. He has yet to sit in my lap, but he will come to me for pets and the ever-popular booty scratch. He does this more often when I can afford acrylic nails, but love from a kitty is love from a kitty.

Kirby is also a bit of a worry-wort. If my husband and I are gone for more than a couple of hours, or come home after dark, he will give us a look as if to say "WHERE WERE YOU? YOU'RE LATE! I WAS WORRIED YOU WOULDN'T COME HOME!". His eyes are wide, and his face resembles that of most mothers before they get angry at you for coming home late. Then he promptly curls up in a ball and goes back to sleep. It makes us laugh every time!

Kirby's favorite toys are foil balls of any size, and Eek! brand catnip mice. They have a rattle inside of them, which catches his attention very quickly. I had an RC mouse, but it was of poor quality and didn't last very long. Hopefully I'll be able to purchase a better one soon! Kirby also loves anything crinkly. Paper bags are all the rage when I bring one home. He also loves cat nip. Each kitty has their own cat nip mat, but Kirby likes to hog them all at once, sitting on 2 or 3 at the same time! And of course, dangling toys are much loved by all!

Kirby is almost 6 years old now, but it still active in play and the 'top cat dance' he does with Jelly Bean. Kirby loves his naps curled up with his siblings, and occasionally on his own. Sometimes you just need some space, right? He is a joy in our lives, and I look forward to seeing his furry face every day.

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