Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meet The Meows!

My husband and I love cats. We love them so much, that we have adopted four of them. We have two boys, and two girls. Our boy Kirby is gray and white; our other boy, Jelly Bean, is all-black. Both of our girls - Pwincess and Punkin - are also all-black. They are all rescues from Virtually Home Chicago.

Our household is full of an assortment of meows throughout the day. Kirby sounds like your stereotypical tom cat. Jelly Bean is a crier, similar to what you hear on most Halloween records. Pwincess makes a chirping noise, with the rare, barely audible meow. Punkin is our little siren. She is very talkative, and sounds like the Ghostbusters siren. And yes, when we talk to them, we use LOL-speak as much as regular human conversation.

All four of them have their little quirks that make us laugh on a daily basis. It's not uncommon to find them all napping together on the Big Kitty Bed (our queen-sized bed). Punkin is our frequent lap cat; Jelly Bean likes to curl up on my feet. Pwincess rarely hops in a lap, and Kirby has yet to do so.

We love them all equally, and they bring much joy to our lives. I truly believe that God sent them to us, these furry little angels, to remind us of His unconditional love.

=^..^=     =^..^=     =^..^=     =^..^=

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