Sunday, January 15, 2012

At My Feet (Actually, On My Feet)

I had a wonderful snuggle session last night. After cleaning up the kitchen, I decided to watch a few things on Netflix. I turned out all the lights, save the one over the range top, arranged myself on the futon, and proceeded to watch TV. After about 20 minutes, I noticed my feet felt like a ton of bricks had been dumped there. I carefully turned my head to the side, and discovered why: all four of our beloved meows were piled up, schnoogled with each other, on my feet. If only I had a camera that could take night pictures!

Eventually, I had to pry my feet out so I could go to bed. As usual, I was given the "Why'd you move? I was comfy!!" look. If I could sleep well on the futon, I would have done so (damn you CPAP!). It was one of the most enjoyable TV watching experiences I've had in a long time. And, I look forward to more.

=^..^=     =^..^=     =^..^=     =^..^=

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