Thursday, January 12, 2012

Patiently Waiting

Jelly Bean and Pwincess adore getting petted. However, they are very quiet in making this request. They will sit patiently next to the person they want attention from, just waiting for you to look down and see them.

Pwincess is very much Daddy's girl. She sits on the floor to his left, patiently waiting to be noticed. She doesn't even emit her little chirpy "'Meow!" to let him know she's there. She just sits there. Once she's noticed, she rubs all over his hand to her hearts content.

Jelly Bean is much the same way. He will sit on the floor to my right, looking up at me until I notice him. While Pwincess tends to hide in your blind spot, Bean is out far enough to spot him in your peripheral vision. I'll reach down to pet him, and he rubs his cheek all over my hand. Then he wants a head-to-tail stroke a few times, with a booty-scratch or two thrown in for good measure. Ultimately, he will lie on his back for tummy rubs. As I glide my hand over his tummy, he looks at me with contentment in his eyes. I can't help but smile and do the baby-talk thing during this whole process.

This simple request for affection always amazes me. Many human beings feel the need for complicated ways of requesting - and showing - affection, whether it's affection due to love, or affection due to selfish desires. But, our meows know how to keep it simple. Touch is probably the most intense way of outwardly showing love, especially when the requester is fearful in doing so. The trust required to engage in the exchange of touch, no matter how brief, is breathtaking.

To see Pwincess openly request affection is doubly amazing. When compared to the terrified ball of fur that arrived here in April 2010, she is not the same cat. She may never be as affectionate with me as she is with Alan (I'm the evil person who must round everyone one up to be put in carriers for vet trips, after all!), she does let me pet her. It's very brief, but she does. But, one brief touch a day means as much to me as if I had her in my lap all day. Trust is not easily given, no matter the species; when her trust is shown to me, I don't abuse it by pushing for more than she's willing to give.

I was the first one that Jelly Bean showed his tummy to. I woke up one morning, after he and Kirby had been with us for about three weeks. I was treated to a very relaxed Bean curled up in my lap. After a verbal "Good Morning!" to him, he rolled over and showed his belly. I was *so* happy, and engaged in the first of many tummy rubs. He has asked Alan for them, but he tends to favor me (I guess we know who Momma's boy is, hee hee!).

Simple showings of affection. They are what make my day, and rock my world. Whether it be from God, my husband, or my meows, it is one of the best gifts to receive.

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