Saturday, April 7, 2012

Seventh Kitty Heaven

Jelly Bean has been really affectionate lately, coming to me for belly rubs several times a day. But, this morning's request was utterly hilarious! He was by my side of the futon, looking up at me, and as I reached down to scratch his head, I noticed that Kirby was on top of him, doing the Top Cat dance. Jelly Bean is just lying on the floor like nothing else is going on. He keeps moving his head closer to my hand, while Kirby keeps trying to maintain a hold on Jelly Beans scruff. Then the *really* funny part begins: Jelly Bean is trying to roll over so that I can rub his belly, and Kirby keeps rolling him back the other way so that he can continue the Top Cat dance! The look on Jelly Bean's face was priceless; he had a look of utter contentment, and that all was right in his world. He was in kitty seventh heaven! Sadly, I did not have my phone video camera nearby, but it was great fun to watch and participate in. It's a great moment during a busy weekend!

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