Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You ish herez!!

My wonderful step-daughter is visiting us for a couple of months, and the meows are happy that she's here! Punkin' has already been asking for playtime, trying to eat her food, and generally just being, well, Punkin'. The others remember her scent, and are simply going about business as usual. We broke out the laser toy, and actually managed to tire Punkin' out for a bit. She didn't nap, but just stretched out on the hall floor, watching and waiting for the funny red dot to make another appearance. Even Pwincess got in on the action for a brief period. Bean, who was comfortable in the kitty cave with Kirby, had his head poked out, watching with anticipation. But, alas, he was too comfy to come down and play. Maybe next time!

=^..^=     =^..^=     =^..^=     =^..^=

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