Friday, November 9, 2012

Quality time with a Pwincess

When it comes to socializing, feral cats require extra patience and effort. But, it is well worth it!

Pwincess is the feral girl we took in back in April 2010. She continues to expand her comfort level around us, and it's an amazing and beautiful thing to see.

One thing I noticed, is that she's much more interested in snuggling with the humans if she has an easy 'escape' outlet, should she feel scared (or bored). So, I moved my sitting spot on the couch to the middle, while Alan remains on the left side. I saw an immediate result in that she was spending more time on the couch with just Alan there. She also seems to prefer sitting on my fleece jacket (cats and fleece, what can I say?), so I put it there, ready to be muffined at will. This also increased her choice of being on the couch with a human there.

Over a couple of weeks time, I started sitting between Pwincess and Alan when I got up in the mornings. At first, she wouldn't stay, although she didn't bolt either. Then, she started staying where she was! She would carefully observe me, to make sure she wasn't going to be ambushed, then she would close her eyes and go back to napping. Now when I sit down, she barely raises an eyelid! She is sitting next to me now, in the cinnamon-bun position (cat yoga), snoozing away. It makes me tear up on some days, just knowing how far she has come. I still don't think she will ever be a lap cat, but I'll take my kitty love from her as she's willing to give it.

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